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Get a Google Plus Account

By creating a Google Plus account and linking it to your website, whenever your website appears in Google search, people will see your face next to it. This makes the results much more clickable because there is a picture instead of just plain text. All you have to do after creating the account is go to “about” and then hit “links” and then edit the links to add your own website to the “contributor to:” section, Google will do the rest. All you have to do is include a link to your Google plus page somewhere on the website, so Google knows it’s yours.

Get a Google Places Page

If your business has a brick-and-mortar component to it, you should list the address on Google. Google is beginning to put emphasis into local search so that people can find places in their area. The trick to optimizing your business in local search is to have your physical address mentioned across the web and getting plenty of good reviews. Since this is a new area of SEO, the competition is low, and it may provide an opportunity for you to outrank some of your local competitors.

Optimize Your Internal Link Structure

Your less successful website pages may be weighing your site down. Try boosting your lower performing pages through links from your more successful pages. Also, try to make sure that the content on each page is relevant to the pages title!

Use Your Competitors Strategy

Make sure to do competitive research of companies that rank above you for your keyword. Copy the structure of their content, not the actual text (google will find out that you are copying and penalize you). The word count and frequency of keywords may hold the key to success in that industry.

Make a youtube video

Videos are 50x more likely to end up on the first page of search compared to plain text. Make sure you include a keyword-stuffed youtube video as part of your marketing/SEO strategy because it is a great way to get your information seen as well as a good way to rank highly in search. Make Your Content Matter: By making helpful tips and how-to guides, you are making your website irresistible to people. They will share the site with social media even if you don’t ask them to. This is how you get your earned media and eventually scale your business.

Get Easy Backlinks

With this website, you can find platforms that allow you to post a link to your web page that counts as a free backlink.