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Because we don’t know the exact algorithm for search ranking

Because we don’t know the exact algorithm for search ranking, we also don’t know what particular measurements called. For now, let’s just call these “points”. Let’s pretend that every website gets 100 points to start out. It can transfer points to another site by including a link to the website, and it can receive points by having another website post a link to it.

If we have a website, and we have links to 4 other websites, each of those websites gets 25 of our “points”. It gets factored into their ranking among many other factors. Let’s say we take down two of these links, now each of the two sites is getting 50 points. It is telling Google that not only does our site think these other two sites are good, but it says they are so good that we don’t feel the need to reference any other sites. If we had an online forum, we might have 100 links people publish to their site. It means that each of these links only give 1 point to the website. Google does not think these links are as important because they are not as special. Here is where it gets interesting. We don’t care as much about how many points we are giving to other sites; we care more about how many points are coming to our site.

By manipulating this number

By manipulating this number, we can improve our search rank quite significantly. So we want to get a link to our website published on as many websites as possible, right? Not exactly. Like most other things, the 80/20 principle carries here. Most of our success will come from a small number of other sites. There are forums that have millions of links and for that reason, links on these websites are not as valuable in Google’s eyes. There are two factors in determining the best site to get a link on. The first is the page rank of that site itself. Google gives authority to sites that get a lot of traffic.

the amount of other links

The second is the amount of other links that are already on the website. In an oversimplified formula, the amount of  points you get can be found by (total websites-website rank)/ amount of links on the website. So if your    link posted on the number one site in the world out of 1 million sites, you would get 999,999 points divided by the amount of other links on the website. I can assure you that the real algorithm is much more complicated than the one mentioned above, but the purpose of this is so that you can get an understanding of how the system works. Now, if we want to find which websites will give us the biggest impact on SEO, you have to determine the nature of the websites. One of the reasons why social media websites are so popular is because they are SEO machines.

There is so much content flowing through them that they tend to outrank almost every other site. These sites have the highest amount of points to give, but they also have the highest competition. Luckily there are almost no barriers to entry, so this is the place most people start. Later on in the book, we will get into the best ways to do this.

you want to get links that have lots of traffic

Ideally, you want to get links that have lots of traffic and little competition. It is very hard to do, but it is important to do the best you can with this. Blogs can generate a lot of content about other websites, and they tend to have loyal followings. It is a good place to start promoting your product or service along with a link to your website. With a few bloggers on your side, you should be generating some good traffic as well as rank better on Google.

generate an email list

There the way to do this from a marketing perspective is to generate an email list. Find out what type of product or service you are offering and then come up with a list of blogs that directed to people that would need that product or service. When you reach out to the blogs, make sure you offer them something, a free sample or a very generous discount. Bloggers are always looking for content, and some blogs consistently review products. By getting them to mention your website, not only will you be getting a significant amount of targeted traffic, you could be greatly improving your SEO.