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Not all content is created equal

Not all content is created equal. Google takes this into consideration when determining page rank to make sure everything included. We mentioned before how having keywords in the title can give a massive boost to the visibility of a website. Now let’s take a deeper look at the different types of content.
To fully understand the different types of content, you have to know a bit about programming.

The Google algorithm uses a robot called a crawler that comes through the code of websites to determine their rank. Because a human does not do this, there are certain things the crawler does and does not understand. Here is a quick guide to the different types of content.

Images: Yes Google does check images used on a website. Although the technology is not quite available for picture recognition, Google uses Alt text to determine what a picture. Alt text is placed onto an image file so that a computer can discern what the picture represents. The catch is that there are character limits so a programmer has to determine what terms the website should rank.


Headings are much more visible on your site. When people look at an article, that is the first thing they see. Just like with titles, headings also get priority over plain text.

Plain text: These are things such as product descriptions. Body paragraphs and page intros. For the most part, these are giving similar priority that is lower than that of headings and titles. An important thing to remember before you jam your website with as many keywords as possible, Google also needs to see other content on your site. If every other word is your keyword, the text will be too repetitive, and Google will assume that you have duplicate content. Duplicate content will not count towards your page rank because Google determines it to be irrelevant. Try to aim for about 2-4% of your document being keywords.

Another thing that we will mention later on is “black hat” SEO. These are behaviors that seek to attain search engine ranking in a way that is inorganic. Black hat SEO attempts to beat the system and in many cases doesn’t end up working at all. For instance, people use to inject keywords into their code but for those of you who know a bit about programming, it is very easy to see the difference between text and command code. Text code seen by the users of the site whereas command code is only “read” by the computer. Obviously, the command code is given little priority if any at all.

A quick tip to master website content: When you are creating your website, make it as interactive as possible. When there is a forum or a blog, this serves as an endless source of content creation. With a successful forum or blog, your users will do all the work for you! Generating hundreds of keywords per day and they are all weighted towards things that are relevant and useful to your userbase.