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Backlinks are a popular commodity in the SEO universe

Backlinks are a popular commodity in the SEO universe. They are very simply defined as an incoming link from another website or page. These links are classified as do-follow if they pass on SEO benefits to  the page they link to and no-follow if they do not. As we mentioned earlier, a link from one website to another is important in Google’s eyes. It says that one website thinks another one is important. By gathering many do-follow backlinks, one can greatly improve the SEO of their website. The goal here is to get the backlinks from different sources because they only compound if they are from different sources.

A way around this is by using social media

A way around this is by using social media. Because social media sites are constantly producing highly interactive content, they tend to be among the highest authority sites in the world. What makes them different from another website is that every user has their “page”. Because each user’s page is different, they can establish their opinion of what the search engines should be looking. That means every time someone posts a link on their Facebook page; it counts as a backlink from Facebook.

That’s right. Every time you get your website mentioned by someone on social media, you are getting another back link.

Pinterest as an example

Let’s use Pinterest as an example. It is a website that often overlooked regarding social media marketing, and yet it is possibly one of the most powerful SEO tools out there. If you pin something  from your website, a backlink appears on your Pinterest page. When somebody else repins that same pin or shares it, you also get that backlink added to their page as well. If they share that pin, they also add a backlink to their page. You can also use services like viral would incentivize other Pinterest users to repin your content. It is a very easy and free way to increase your backlinks and get the ball rolling regarding SEO.